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As far a style goes, we at AI Cake House are known for our variety of designs. We provide naked cakes, traditional fondant wedding cakes and a vast and quirky range of tiered cakes. ​

SWEET on you!


Relax and enjoy your very own wedding consultation designed with you in mind. During the consultation process, we go through the details of the your day as well as the style of your cake. 

We construct a personalised mood board that encapsulates each layer of your style. Once this has been created, we will design a one of a kind wedding cake sketch. 

For wedding consultations or enquiries, please email us at


In addition to wedding cakes, we provide a variety of wedding favours. From decorated cookies and truffles to personalised chocolates. The perfect way to bring all of your wedding details to a pleasant, sweet end.

Whether simplistic and delicate, edgy and dynamic, quirky or novelty, we can provide a favour that compliments your day. 

Our favours can be individually packaged for each guest and hand wrapped in ribbon.


If your wedding caters for a large guest list, you can take a look at our cake table packages. Our cake tables are filled with a variety of brownies, cake pops, decorated cookies and much more.
Discover our incredible cake flavours here.

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