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Gifting for businesses made easy!

Decorated with your company logo printed with edible ink on sugar sheet, these cookies are smart and sophisticated company gifts which will be appreciated by your customers, employees or business partners. 

Wrapped in food grade cello with organza ribbon, or boxed to perfection. These gifts will win over anyone and everyone!

Are you planning a corporate event? We offer treat tables that can cater for hundreds of clients or employees with a very large sweet tooth!

Do not hesitate to write me or to contact us for a quote!

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For dinner parties, product launches, anniversaries and holiday parties. We can create bespoke gifts and spreads JUST FOR YOU. The official way to mark the occasion. Our handcrafted corporate cookies, cookie bars and baked goods can be delivered straight to their doors perfectly packaged and with a personalised gift note inside. We offer Vegan and Gluten Free options for those with special dietary requirements, so no one has to miss out! Order today.
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